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Paeonia daurica ssp. mlokosewitschii (Yellow Peony)

100cm, Yellow Peony (syn. Paeonia mlokosewitschii) is a quite rarely seen peony native in the Lagodeki Valley in south-eastern Caucasus. It has large pale lemon yellow flowers and slightly glaucous leaves, shaded with red in full sun. This beautiful species has unfortunately become almost extinct in nature. Easy for a partially shaded place with peaty compost as basis. The bright pink seed capsules with deep lilac seeds give have some additional ornamental value in July/August. Offered seeds are from unhybridized, true to type specimens with pure yellow flowers! Please note: Offered rhizomes are from our mother plants and they have multiple flower respectively leaf buds as described below. You will not find similar large plants anywhere else! Several longer storage roots will have to be cut by half for transport, however plants have sufficient reserves to grow well next spring. As is the case in all peonies, plants may not open flower buds in the first year after transplanting. However they will show a magnificent display from the second year onwards after they established. IV-V.
7 seeds per package.

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seed package (7 seeds)

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