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Ceropegia dichotoma

30 (70)cm, ascending olive green, highly succulent stems, covered with white wax under sunny conditions. Yellow flowers are born in terminal (sometimes in axillary) clusters. Growing in nature in preferably white or cream-colored older soils or rock crevices in sun exposed spots in the E (Anaga region, e.g. in the ridge above Faro de Anaga) and W parts (Teno region, e.g. Barranco de los Cochinos) of Tenerife. The scattered populations in the south-west require an additional taxonomical study. VII-VIII.
10 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (ex Anaga)2507 € 3,99
seed package (ex Anaga)
(ex Anaga)
seed package (ex Teno)2508 € 4,99
seed package (ex Teno)
(ex Teno)

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