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Echium aculeatum

50 (100)cm, a strongly branching, low woody shrub with very narrow, lanceolate, spiny, leathery, coarsely haired leaves. The species makes compact, dome-shaped inflorescences with many pure white, narrow-tubed flowers. It is native of dryish areaes in succulent shrub zone on the Canary islands. Easily grown in pots in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot throughout the year. In winter reduce watering and keep plants at a minimum of some 10°C. IV-VI.

seed package (ex La Gomera - Argaga)

2+ € 3,79
10+ € 3,59
25+ € 3,39

seed package (ex Tenerife)

2+ € 4,74
10+ € 4,49
25+ € 4,24
50+ € 3,99

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