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Aeonium sedifolium

20 (30)cm, multi-branching dwarf species native of Tenerife and probably in the south-eastern parts of La Palma. This Aeonium hardly exceeds some 15cm in height and looks very alike a Sedum (thus its name!) with its ovoid and strongly succulent leaves, which are very sticky. The from La Palma shows much broader, almost ovoid leaves, and shall be treated at a variety status. Most attractive species with nicely red stripes all over the leaves in combination with dense inflorescences of bright yellow, yet rather small flowers in April and May. During dormancy rosettes will loose most leaves and will look like needle pins. III-V.
50 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (ex La Palma, Spain)3041 € 9,03
seed package (ex La Palma, Spain)
(ex La Palma)
seed package (ex Tenerife)1279 € 10,43
seed package (ex Tenerife)
(ex Tenerife)

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