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Frasera speciosa (Elkweed or Green Gentian)

100 (180)cm, Elkweed or Green Gentian is a stunning herbaceous perennial within the gentian family (Gentianaceae) with a dense basal rosette of large, fresh green leaves and a showy central stem with numerous whitish cream star like flowers with fine pale green and violet spots after a couple of years. Native of meadows and open spots in woods in south western USA. For any humus rich, slightly moist soil in a sunny spot. Once transplanted to the final spot leave plants undisturbed. VII-VIII.
30 seeds per package.

Frasera speciosa (Elkweed or Green Gentian)
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Long-lived perennial monocarp
Reviewed by David I. from Rocky Mountain Biological Lab

This plant is a long-lived perennial monocarp. I.e., it grows for many years (in Colorado, where I study it, sometimes 30-80 years) and then flowers once and dies. The flower stalk is spectacular (can be up to 3 m tall) and has lots of flowers that are very attractive to bees and other pollinators.

March 2008
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