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Pamianthe (Peruvian Daffodil) & Paramongaia (Peruvian Daffodil)

Pamianthe or White Peruvian Daffodils and Paramongaia or Yellow Peruvian Daffodil are small genera with only two to three species each: evergreen Pamianthe peruviana from Peru, where it is possibly extinct and Pamianthe parviflora from Ecuador, where it is threatened with extinction due to habitat loss. Paramongaia weberbaueri has a disjunct distribution in coastal areas (summer flowering clone) and lower andine regions (winter flowering clone) in Peru. A probably a second species, namely Paramongaia superba, is said to be native of Bolivia, but has never been in cultivation. They are bulbous species within the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). Pamianthe species grow in humus rich soils in woodlands, sometimes they occur as well as epiphytes on trees. Paramongaia always grows in stony, very well drained soils and has a prolonged dormancy. Both genera are very rarely cultivated and utmost showy, easy going plants with long and broad, slightly bluish-green and glossy leaves and extremely large, pure white (Pamianthe) or yellow (Paramongaia), heavenly fragrant flowers. Easily grown in any humus rich, well drained soil in a partially shaded (summer) to sunny (winter) spot. Keep plants at a minimum of some 15°C throughout the year. Seeds are extremely rarely available, for seed pods from Pamianthe peruviana need more than 15 months to mature, whereas Paramongaia is self-sterile and one needs two different clones for succesful pollination. We ship 2-years old offset bulbs.
Tubers from Pamianthe will be shipped bareroot with leaves in slightly moist kitchen towl, plant them on receipt. If leaves should yellow during transit, this is nothing to worry about, the already strong bulb will soon make new leaves. Tubers from Paramongaia will be only shipped during dormancy. Water the latter at a minimum till new leaves are formed.
Sow seed flat on any rather inorganic, very well drained substrate, e.g. perlite, grit lava or the like. A compost based substrate will work for Paramongaia, but this is not recommended for Pamianthe. Cover seeds only very slightly only and keep pots at some 25°C in partial shade.
Price per seedling plant (with some one to two 15cm long leaves), respectively 2 seeds per package.
Note: Bulbs can only be shipped within Europe! Seeds are dispatched worldwide.
Pamianthe peruviana (White Peruvian Daffodil)

Pamianthe peruviana (White Peruvian Daffodil)

40 (60)cm, White Peruvian Daffodil is a rare species from Peru and supposedly extinct in nature. It has long and broad, slightly bluish-green, glossy leaves and extremely large, pure white fragrant flowers of up to 15cm in diameter. Despite it's rarity it is easily grown in any humus rich, well drained and always slightly moist soil in a partially shaded (summer) to sunny (summer) spot. Keep plants at a minimum of some 15°C throughout the year. Unlike most other Amaryllidaceae, Pamianthe peruviana makes pale brown seeds. Our seeds are hand selected and each one is controlled for viability. All non-viable seeds as well as those with insufficient embryonic tissue are discarted. Thus, you can be assured that you will receive only viable seeds from this botanical treasure! X-II.
2 seeds per package.

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